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Detailing Is My Claim to Fame 
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Hi, my name is John Lydic. I don’t play guitar, and neither did Leo Fender. I’m a drummer who buys, details and sells guitars. I’ve always been around guitars. My brother played, my friends played, we were always jamming and we always had a band going.

I love the look and feel of guitars, and no two guitars are the same. They are all pieces of art, living art. Every guitar I buy and sell has a life, a forgotten journey and a hidden story to tell. I take great care in reconditioning and minor repair where I am able or just in making them shine. I also like to make a buck for my time and attention in getting them back out onto the circuit to see another stage, studio or just a new home.

Not all guitars get the same treatment. It all depends on what's needed, value and margins. Outside of a detailed cleaning and polishing, some of the things I do include:

- Buffing and polishing surface marks and scratches
- Removing rust and corrosion
- Polishing frets
- Polishing screws and hardware
- Cleaning scratchy pots
- Changing strings

I’ll always have an amp set up for you out in the garage and a semi-tuned guitar. Stop by, and give one of my guitars or two a whirl.

Please check out my Guitars For Sale.

Text or call me anytime: (440) 454-5054.

Price: $N/A
Listing ID: 354